Ground beef in tomatosauce


The smell and taste of ground beef in tomato sauce evokes good memories!

Here I have elk meat dough, but it works fine with other types of minced meat too! Squash and carrot are great alternatives to traditional pasta. Recommended!

Here's how: 

Divide the onion into small pieces and lash it with oil in the frying pan. Spring onions are split and roasted with the onion. I used canned tomatoes, two boxes of unsweetened tomato without shell and cooked it up with the onion. Spices with herbs; oregano, thyme, rosemary along with some salt and pepper. Allows it to stand and cook on low heat while cooking roast dough. 

The roast dough is put into the tomato mixture and allowed to stand and simmer for a few minutes. 

Squash and carrot are peeled and cut into strips. As shown in the picture, I have two different tools for it. Both are purchased at Kitchen. Make the stripping simple. I heat a pan with a little olive oil and fry / cook carrot in the pan. Frying the carrot first as it needs more time to soften, then I put in the squash and let it simmer until I think it is tender enough. Some like more chewing resistance and then it is enough to just heat the squash a little.