WildFit is a quest that lasts for 90 days. It is developed through knowledge of food and human beings. There is a lot of science and experience behind the building of the quest. It also helps us understand our relationship with food, not just gives knowledge of what is the best human food.

Most importantly, after the 90 days, every person chooses how their diet should be. Equipped with a lot of knowledge about food and your own relationship with food, it gives a very special FREEDOM in relation to food that needs to be experienced!


I'm far from the only one who has had dramatic results after completing the quest and found his or her way to live WildFit.

80% success rate and 90% implementation rate are, in my opinion, quite so unique!

Most weight releasing diets makes you lose weight. But the vast majority of people go back to at least as much weight as they lost after a while.


During the quest, the coach plays an important role in helping the participants get the most benefit. When the opportunity to become a WildFit coach came my way, I felt this was a job I wanted. It feels like a commitment to help others through the process that has changed my life and many others with me.

My background, interest in people and experiences makes me look foreward to helping you and others get and live a healthier life.

Practical implementation

The WildFit quest takes place online. For each week, videos open on different topics and the changes that happen in the current week. There are weekly meetings with a coach online along with others who attend the quest at the same time as you. I'm going to use the videocomferenceplatform "zoom" for this, it's easy to use both on computer and phone. All conversations are recorded so that you can see them afterwards, if you cannot attend once. Facebook or possibly other social media is used to share experiences along the way with the others in the group, and for the opportunity to ask the coach outside the online meetings.

 The group is important! But it is also possible to get one to one coaching if needed! 

What happens in the 90 days period?

The first two weeks you will get daily information videos from WildFit's founder Eric Edmeades. The first Monday he tells about the task for the week in front of you, and speeks about topics around different foods. He talks about their role in human history and what they do to our bodies. On Fridays, he gives the task for the next week, so you get the weekend to shop for what you may need. The following weeks there are two videos and coaching meetings a week, with the exception of three meetings in week three.

Because the quest / training course is built up to get the best possible results, it has used well proven methods to achieve this. Lots of information along with practical tasks, among other things, gives the best outcome possible. You are asked to eat different foods one week and take breaks from others in another. Along with conversations with a coach and a group, you will be led through all the different weeks and any challenges that should arise along the way. The quests are set up so that you will succeed in the tasks you get!

The idea behind this is that you will be very well equipped to make good food choices after the 90 days are finished.

Because you only will know what happens week by week, I can't tell in you in detail what is going to happen here. An important part of the reason why the quest works so well is that you don't know from week to week what's happening next. Frustrating to many of us I understand! Humans like to know what's around the next corner! It is very important to go through the different weekly tasks in order to create lasting new food habits. It takes time to make new knowledge become new actions. Research shows it takes at least 21 days to put in place a new habit! Others sais 60 days is more correct. So in 90 days we get very good results! And the days passes surprisingly fast!

It`s all about learning and experiencing!

When you know better, you can do better!

Eric Edmeades

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WildFit presentert av Eric Edmeades 

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