Our lives consist of elements such as health, self-esteem, relationships, jobs, careers and many other themes. A life coach works with all of these areas. Those who wish to get coaching usually come with a topic he / she wishes to work with, but during the process, several of the person's areas of life will be part of the coaching. Coaching is a process that goes over time depending on the topic at hand. In coaching, we focus on what you want, your goals and how to achieve them.

WildFit Coaching 

I coach and guide you through WildFit's 90 day quest / challenge and have follow-up coaching for living WildFit after the quest

Life Coaching

I coach you when you need help finding out what you want out of your life. Sometimes we get stuck in old patterns. I can help you see solutions and the way forward to make the most of your life. 

Life Coaching

I'm offering one on one coaching. Have you gone through WildFit's 90 day quest, either with me or with others then I give a 20% discount. Are you my colleague in the train world, you get a 10% discount on coaching with me. 

If you want simple hours, it costs NOK 800 per hour. Package of 5 hours: 3500 kroner. Package of 10 hours 6000 kroner

Why choose a 10-hour package? Research shows that it takes 21 - 66 days to change a habit. In the coaching, we will work to uncover the reason why, for example, you feel stuck, work to get an understanding of the situation, choose strategies and actions that will get you on your way and put the plan into action. Without action, there will be no change. Even if you experience "aha" moments in the coaching lessons, it is the small conscious actions you choose to make in your everyday life that will give you the change you want. I as a coach will follow you along the way; support and guide you and make you responsible for the choices you make. Lasting changes take time and my experience is that it takes time to get to know and really dare to explore choices and causes with another person.