My health was very bad at this time!

I have had atopic eczema since I was around 4 years old. Red, dry and / or fluid rash in larger or smaller areas of the body. Periodically very bad, other periods better and more quiet and only with smaller dry areas.

In February the eczema was really bad! Between 70-80% of my body was covered by infected eczema. I could not work and the doctor cried out when she saw my skin. Using shoes was really painful because I had big infected areas of eczema on my legs, especially on my heels. One of the challenges with infected skin is that in most cases (well over 90%) the bacteria is resistant to antibiotics so it has no effect. I tried an antibiotic cure a few years ago when I had an outbreak and was going on a long journey, without any effect. Cortisone also has little or no effect when the eczema is infected. So the only thing to do is wash and lubricate and wait for recovery.

This was the second round in two years with big infested areas on my body, so I had not recovered fully after the last time either.

I could only have cotton against my skin and I could not tolerate anybody touching me even with clothes on.

I also have fibromyalgia which, among other things, involves many sore points, stiffness and pain.

My weight was crawling up to 95kg (209lbs) and I was struggling to tie my shoes.

In addition, I was depressed. I did not want to live.

I could not see myself living 30-40 years more in that condition!

I had many fantastic things happening in my life until February, but my physical and mental condition made me not able to focus on that!


I heard about WildFit. I took a master class online with founder Eric Edmeades. It made me curious, and I thought that I MUST TRY THIS OUT! I have NOTHING TO LOSE!

My main focus was on my weight. The physical and mental challenges have followed me most of my life. Although I have tried a lot of different things over the years, both conventional and alternative treatments of varying success, it came back every time. A part of me had accepted that I just had to figure out how to live with it; mitigate the symptoms and outbreaks as well as I could.


I lost 16kg (35lbs), over 1kg(2lbs) a week! I was not hungry, sometimes it was almost a bit too much food! No exercise!

The amazing, for me unexpected thing, that happened was that the eczema healed more and more. I still look at my hands facinated about the fact that they look quite normal; not red and cracked, but whole healthy skin.

More importantly than that, my head fog cleared. The depression was gone and I was much happier. Challenging things that happened around me (life simply) did not mentally take me down anymore as it often did before. Life went and continues as waves, but the waves are dramatically shrinking. My sleep was also better.


I have lost 10kg (22lbs) more, reaching a total of 26kg (57lbs) lost. And I still lose weight!

The eczema is almost completely gone, scars bleach and become much less visible.

Fibromyalgia does not dominate my life anymore! I have dramatically less pain and time I need to get back into shape after pushing myself.

It's not unusual that I wake up refreshed. I never did that before, at least not after I got into my teens. I always had to force myself out of bed no matter how many hours I had slept.

I regularly go to therapy for stiffness and knots in my muscles and see improvement every time. I was a big stiff muscle knot before. In the past, treatment would only lead to short-term relief, sometimes even worsening.

My pattern of overeating I have been dealing with most of my life also disappeared during the WildFit quest. One day  I discovered that I naturally stopped eating when I was full.

Today I am optimistic, happy and engaged in life most of the time. I can live until I grow old now!

Before and after WildFit

Summer 2017

3. Desember 2018

Professional background

Kindergarden teacher, 3 years college in Bergen

12 years working in child care 

1 year working weekends in a psychiatric hospital

2 years 40% of my time doing union tasks as a representative for Utdanningsforbundet

1 year schooling to be a train engineer

Working as a train engineer since 2008